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[Date : 2017-03-14 13:33:48 ]   
Forum Event - 2017 Fair Player Club Summit


Event Outcome - 2017 Fair Player Club Summit


Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum supports and implements “Fair Player Club”, the public-private sector platform to promote collective action for anti-corruption in cooperation with GCNK (Global Compact Network Korea), the South Korean Integrity Partner of Siemens Integrity Initiative by Siemens AG, from March 2015, as its project partner organization.

2017 Fair Player Club Summit and Fair Play Pledge Ceremony was held with participation of approximately 150 representatives from 7 metropolitan cities including Seoul Metropolitan Government, local chambers of commerce & industry, and companies on Friday, February 24, 2017, at Lotte Hotel in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Fair Player Club is one of the 24 global anti-corruption projects which aim to spur collective action in business and government to create fair and transparent market conditions with the support from the World Bank and Siemens Integrity Initiative. Fair Player Club is hosted by the Global Compact Network Korea, organized by Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum, and supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE), Ministry of Interior (MOI), and Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission (ACRC). In the 2nd Fair Player Club Summit and Fair Play Pledge Ceremony, representatives from companies and organizations pledged for fair play principles to create clean corporate culture and to run business complying with the law and codes of conduct. Also, major outcomes in the Cycle 2 and the plan of the Cycle 3 were introduced during the summit.

Fair Player Club aims to spread a transparent and ethical corporate culture by taking its incremental steps in three years, such as, seminar, research, and raising awareness activities for anti-corruption by industry (Cycle 1), region (Cycle 2), and country (Cycle 3) since 2015.

Since 2015, 125 companies and organizations participated in ‘Fair Play Pledge for Anti-corruption’ and 70 companies and organizations newly participated. Especially, close cooperation with Seoul Metropolitan Government, Busan Metropolitan City, Gwangju Metropolitan City, Daegue Metropolitan City, Ulsan Metropolitan City, Daejeon Metropolitan City, Incheon Metropolitan City and Local Chambers of Commerce & Industry, 34 local companies participated.  This year become motivated to raise and spread awareness of compliance and business ethics to local companies.

During the summit, OH, Kyun, 1st Vice Minister, Office for Government Policy Coordination of Prime Minister’s Secretariat / Chief of Pan Governmental Anti- corruption Bureau, PARK Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government, KIM Jong-kap, Chairman & CEO of Siemens Korea, and Iohann LE FRAPER, Vice Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce on Corporate Responsibility & Anti-corruption delivered their congratulatory speeches on spreading the Anti-corruption in management culture. Also, PARK Gyeong-ho, Vice Chair of Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission and Iftekhar Zaman, Executive Director of Transparency International Bangladesh gave special lectures..

LEE Dong-kurn, President of Global Compact Network Korea, stated that “It is encouraging that our society never stops its efforts to recover integrity with ‘Fair Play Pledge’, even in recent crisis of Republic of Korea’s integrity and reliability”. He also asked corporate representatives for their continued interests and support for compliance and business ethics.

OH, Kyun, 1st Vice Minister, Office for Government Policy Coordination of Prime Minister’s Secretariat / Chief of Pan Governmental Anti- corruption Bureau emphasized mentioned that It is essential to establish the system which is able to put necessary resources in the right place for continuing sustainable profit-making and securing global competitiveness. This summit is very meaningful to reconfirm recognition of compliance and business ethics and become a stepping stone for spreading our commitment for anti-corruption to the world”.

PARK Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government, emphasized that “What South Korean people desire most is eradicating corruption. Eradicating corruption is a shortcut to the economic growth. Seoul Metropolitan Government will try to do its best to become an integrity innovation model in public offices so that it can make citizen happy and gain agreement from public officers”.

KIM Jong-kap, Chairman & CEO of Siemens Ltd. Seoul, said that “Compliance and business ethics are essential for sustainable growth of companies.I'm very pleased to witness that anti-corruption culture for fair and clean business was disseminated to the companies located in many regions of Republic of Korea last year, throughout the Cycle 2 of Fair Player Club with the support from Siemens Integrity Initiative”.

Iohann LE FRAPER, Vice Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce on Corporate Responsibility & Anti-corruption Commission, advised that “The effort to recover transparency and integrity must continue even in crisis. More and more stakeholders and customers all over the world expect the high level of transparency and responsible business conduct. Therefore, companies need to focus on protection of their corporate brands through improving transparency”.

At the pre-workshop before the main event of the summit, he introduced ISO 37001, a new anti-bribery management system and RESIST (Resisting Extortion and Solicitation in International Transactions), a scenario-based tool for employee training on resisting extortion and solicitation in international transactions, co-authored by UNGC, ICC, TI, and WEF. He emphasized to build an anti-corruption system for preventing corporate risks and strengthening corporate competence.

Also, special lectures for eradicating corruption and enhancing corporate integrity are delivered by domestic and foreign experts.

Iftekhar Zaman, Board Member of Transparency International, lectured on  ’Fighting Corruption in the Private Sector: A Multi-stakeholder Approach’. He also advised that “Republic of Korea’s national integrity level drops from 37th to 52nd in the 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), published by Transparency International (TI). To eradicate corruption, political will, change of citizen’s perception, and strengthening national integrity system are needed”.

PARK Gyeong-ho, Vice Chair of Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, introduced the core contents of the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act through his lecture on ‘The Improper Solicitation and Graft Act and the Role of Corporations for Social Integrity’. He emphasized that “Companies need to strengthen their self-regulation efforts for anti-corruption and integrity by establishing their compliance management systems to monitor in their internal and external activities in conjunction with implementation of the law”.

In the Cycle 3, Fair Player Club will endeavor to create a fair and clean environment in South Korea, through public private partnership with foreign embassies, foreign chambers of commerce & industry, and companies from various country origins, in order to promote dialogs, exchanges and Collective Action about anti-corruption, compliance, and business ethics. We ask your continuous interests and participation.

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