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[Date : 2021-02-10 23:25:37 ]   
Publication - The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Its Impact on Ethics

Ms. Angela Joo-Hyun Kang, Founder and Executive President of GCEF (Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum) co-authored a book titled <The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Its Impact on Ethics-Solving the Challenges of the Agenda 2030> published in 2021 tackling the ethical problems of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and exploring the basis for sustainable investment decisions in businesses of 4IR with a multi-stakeholder approach. 

Co-authors are global women leaders including women lawyers, judges, attorneys-at-law, investors, bankers, portfolio managers, solicitors and civil servants calling to policymakers and business leaders to harness new technologies in order to create a more inclusive and human-centered future. 

Ms. Kang contributed the chapter <Essential Change Factors to Enhance Integrity Competitiveness> based on her field experiences with OECD, Business 20 (B20), UNDP, the Association of French International Contractors (SEFI), the International Contractors Association of Korea (ICAK), two South Korean anti-corruption collective action project of Siemens Integrity Initiative as well as global and South Korean public & corporate policy practices.

* Publisher: Springer Nature Switzerland AG

* Copyright: 2021

* Total pages: 359p

* Price: 85.59 Euro (ebook) 103.99 Euro (Hardcover)

* Book information and purchase:

* Co-Editors: Katharina Miller, Lawyer, Founder of Miller International, and President of European Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) and Karen Wendt, President of the SwissFinTechLadies 

* Co-Authors: 26 global women leaders including Angela Joo-Hyun Kang, Founder and Executive President of GCEF (Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum), Ángeles Heras Caballero, Former Secretary of State, Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities of Spain, Cheryl Miller Dÿck, CEO of Digital Leadership Institute, Dace Luters-Thümmel, Secretary General, European Women Lawyers Association (EWLA), Geneviève Tanguay, VP of National Research Council Canada, Jorgelina Albano, Founder and CEO of Humanin Haus, Nancy Hendry, Senior Advisor of International Association of Women Judges, Susana Balbo, Chair of 2018 W20 Argentina and Founder & CEO of Susana Balbo Wines, Verica Trstenjak, Former Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Union etc.

* Abstract of <Essential Change Factors to Enhance Integrity Competitiveness> Chapter by Angela Joo-Hyun Kang: Integrity competitiveness is one of the most important competences of government, business, and the society to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Otherwise, invaluable investment money for development will be aimlessly wasted as a result of corruption, bribery, theft, and tax evasion, etc. To tackle the problems, we need to change the majority acting on circumstances into the majority practicing anti-corruption. Four change factors are essential for behavioral change: regulation for addressing both demand and supply sides of bribery, incentive for rewarding good compliance, technology for ruling out human discretionary power, and training of current and future workforces. They are closely linked with continuous efforts by international organizations such as OECD and UN. South Korea’s regulatory and policy change examples of each factor, aligned by their imperatives with global acknowledgement, clearly show that they can generate substantial outputs, outcomes, and impacts. They will enhance integrity competitiveness of public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Furthermore, their shared responsibility and collaborative partnership based on Responsible Government Conduct, Responsible Business Conduct (RBC), and recognition by civil society organizations on good compliance will set a faster and further path to reach SDGs.

* Keywords: Integrity, transparency, governance, anti-corruption, anti-bribery, Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, construction, infrastructure, e-procurement, e-customs clearance, business integrity, fair play, South Korea, Republic of Korea, collective action, and 2030.

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