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[GCEF Board of Directors]

- Angela Joo-Hyun KANG
Former Advisor of Presidential Council on Nation Branding
Currently, Founder & Executive President of Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum

- Jun-Keun CHOI
Managing Director, Seoul Scholarship Foundation
Former Manager, Kids&Future Foundation

- Ji-Seok KIM
Senior Officer of Climate Change, British Embassy Seoul

- Sue Jung-Soo KIM
Board Member, KASM (Korea Association of Social Welfare for a Sustainable Future Management)

- Hyeon KIM
President, Outdoor Advertising Center of Local Finance Association

- Seung-Chul LEE
Partner and Director, Song Kang Accounting Corporation, AICPA & CPA

[GCEF Advisors]
- Industrial Relations Advisor: Eun-Gyu PARK, Secretary General of Jeonnam Regional Labor Relations Commission, Ph.D in Law, Professor of Korea University of Technology & Education and Certified Public Labor Attorney
- CSR Advisor: Sue Jung-Soo KIM, Board Member, KASM (Korea Association of Social Welfare for a Sustainable Future Management)
- CSR Advisor: Dr Rebecca Chung-hee KIM, Former Assistant Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility and International Management, Nottingham University Business School, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and currently, Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan
- CSR & PR Advisor: Eun-Young KIM, Director of Communique 
- CSR & Social Enterprise Advisor: Jung-Eun KIM, CEO & Chief Consultant of CSR PLUS Research Institute
- Social Enterprise Advisor:  Nakwon PARK, Former Managing Director , Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency
- Climate Change Advisor: Ji-Seok KIM, Seinor Officer of Climate Change of British Embassy Seoul
- CSR Advisor: Jong-Pum HONG, Assistant Senior Manage of Customs UNI-PASS International Agency, CSR and procurement expert

[GCEF Secretariat]

- Founder & Executive President: Angela Joo-Hyun KANG
- Assistant Manager: Ji-Hyo OH
- Researcher: Areum KIM


Company : GCEF (Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum)  
Founder and Executive President : Angela Joo-Hyun Kang   
Location : Business Valley, 522, Changkang Bldg., 86, Mapo-daero, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04168, Republic of Korea
TEL : +82-2-714-5964   FAX : +82-2-713-5115   Registration Number: 105-82-19213  
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